What will I need to bring to the appointment?

You will need to bring with you the following items:

  • Spectacles (If used)
  • Spectacle prescription for all initial class two applicants
  • Previous medical certification if applicable
  • Photo Identification required for new clients

Why is the initial class one not listed in the price list?

All initial class one medical certifications can only be carried out at Gatwick Airport therefore Dr.Yuill does not provide this service.

Why is Manchester airport currently unavailable?

Unfortunately Manchester Airport is currently unavailable due to a problem with the NHS Walk-In Centre. Due to security issues at the airport the Walk-In Centre now has to close business at 4pm, which makes the evening time slots Dr.Yuill operated within obsolete. Dr.Yuill hopes to resume at Manchester Airport in the future.

Can i get an audiogram and/or ECG in my appointment?

YES, Dr.Yuill does provide audiograms and ECG's during the examination If you require. He also provides Haemoglobin tests if required. please note that you do not require an audiogram if you are a class 2 applicant unless you hold and instrument rating.

How can I get an appointment at Stockport?

For an appointment at Stockport you will have to telephone reception on 01244-355-901 due to limited availability.

What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?

If you wish to cancel your appointment for any reason you will have to telephone reception on 01244-355-901 and verbally cancel the appointment please do NOT cancel by e-mail or letter. Cancellations will only be accepted by telephone on the above number.

How late can it be before I have to renew my medical?

You can renew you medical certification up to 45 days before your expiry date.

 How do I pay?

You can pay by either cash or cheque.